My favourite top cop, former head of Interpol, ex struggle hero and one of the architects of our Firearms Control Act, Jackie Selebi launched an appeal against his 15 year sentence. The appeal succeeded in keeping him out of jail for sixteen months, but now that his appeal ultimately failed, he needs Plan B.

A variation on a tactic which proved very successful for Schabir Shaik — make sure you are too ill for jail, know the right people, and beat up journalists who catch you playing golf, Selebi, who was perfectly fine on Friday, has suddenly been ill for a long time.

Time will tell if this little piggy’s status as “only one” is enough to keep him out of jail.

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  1. Charles Pergiel — 2012-01-09 @ 09:05

    Sometimes sarcasm can be a little too veiled. Somehow I do not think Jackie Selebi is really your “favorite top cop”, unless you think all the other top cops are much worse.


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