IDPA postal shoot

The IDPA postal shoot consists of four stages (this year, at least) which are shot by IDPA members all over the world, as standardised as possible, and then collated to give you an idea of how much you suck compared to… well… the world.

We shot it today at FBGC. And I sucked*.

In the order we shot it in:

Bike Crash (Stage 3). Lying on your weak side, with the firearm on the ground in front of you, and three targets mounted horizontally to simulate dogs, 7 – 14m away. My grouping was excellent. My aim, notsomuch.

2-0, 2-2, 2-2 (means two shots on target, in the zero zone on the first target and in the -1 zone on targets two and three, for two points down on targets two and three), raw time 6.95.

Bucket Brigade (Stage 2). Starting with a bucket in your weak hand, two targets on the move strong hand only, then two targets (with a no-shoot (hostage)) 7m away through a gap, then two more targets around a corner, 8 1/2m away, with another no-shoot.

2-2, 1-5, 2-0, 2-0, 2-0, 2-1, raw time 21.34. Pretty good, except for the one handed on the move with bucket in hand first two (two shots in the -1 zone on first target, only one shot on the second target).

Dinner Interruptus (Stage 4). Start sitting down, both hands on table. Four targets, two 10m away, two 21m away. The bottom half of the front two targets is blocked out, so a shot there is a miss. And the two back targets flank a no-shoot.

3-2, 2-6, 3-7, 3-5, and a hit on a non-threat. Ouch. I need to practice my shoot-sitting-down a bit. Raw time 22.46.

“Cup” Standards (Stage 1). For this one you don’t need concealment, but hey, who cares. Three targets 10m away, two of them flanking the inevitable no-shoot. Two shots each, then another six shots strong hand, then another six shots weak hand. With a revolver**, this needs two reloads. All timed as one string.

6-0, 6-0, 6-0. Damn I’m hot. Except that I also plugged the non-threat. Twice. So if you know I’m around, try not to get taken hostage ‘cos I’ll prolly end up taking you out as well. Raw time 33.47, I also need to practice my reloads.

Next week we’re doing the SADPA postal. Looks like it might be even more fun.

* I suck a whole lot less than I used to, and a whole lot more than I will in future, but I suck.

** Taurus Model 66 (357 Magnum) stainless, 3″ barrel, shooting 38 Special SWC reloads (158 gr at about 920 fps).

Edit, 2013-01-14: I’m #11 out of 38 SSR MM-level shooters.