SADPA postal shoot

The SADPA postal shoot consists of four stages, shot by local IDPA shooters, to get an idea of where you rank. You can shoot multiple times, but only the first score you submit counts — which leads to some people shooting and then tearing up their score sheet because of completely missing the 15m target. But Richard Dews is a rather large fellow so we don’t argue with him.

Anyway, I shot it on Saturday at FBGC and I sucked. But maybe less so than last week. This time I shot both the revolver (SSR) and my 1911 (CDP).

Modified Bill Drill (Stage 1). Three targets at 5, 10 and 15m. Six shots at each target. Boring :-) Except I completely stuffed up the 15m SSR stage and got 22! points down. SSR raw time 19.35, CDP raw time 21.84 with 8 points down.

Standards #708 (Stage 2). This was a fun one. Six targets from 4m to 25m, with no-shoots in front of the front two targets. I really thought I was going to plug the no-shoots but I managed not to. And I even hit the 25m target a few times. SSR 36.91, 10 points down, CDP 35.83, 12 points down. Both revolver and pistol required two reloads — I’m only marginally slower with the speed loaders, but that’s just because I’m way too slow with magazine changes.

Seated (Stage 3). Four targets, all 5m away. One no-shoot. Tactical sequence, which means one shot to each target and then empty the magazine at them. 12 shots, that’s one reload for the revolver as well as for the pistol (7 round magazine, so I started with 8 shots in the gun). SSR 18.03 and one point down, CDP 18.89 and 4 points down. Gotta work on those magazine changes.

Quick Standards (Stage 4). This one was… weird. Seven shots at 3m… and yes, you can miss at 3m, but only if your brain comes undone, like mine (of course) did. Note to self, seat the bloody magazine properly. I can’t think of any real-world scenario where I would draw with my strong hand and then transition to weak hand only — but then, IDPA is a game. SSR 6.49 no points down, CDP 6.89 and two points down.

I figure that when the nationwide results get published I should probably look for my name on the last page or two…