Pew pew pew

Took the Garand, the Auto-5, the Browning Semi-auto 22, the Norinco JW-21, the Freedom Arms 454, and four Spanish pistols to the range, along with two pups of the female persuasion.

The Freedom Arms has a new front sight blade, it was terribly high with the old blade, now it looks like I can come up a few clicks at 50m, so that’s all good. That’s why I went, to check the difference the new front sight made. The rest was just fun.

Practicing for the shotty, which kicks a bit more than a 22.

Norinco 22 levergun — copy of the Winchester 9422 — fun little gun, as is the Browning.

Three diminutive 1911 rip-offs. Star in 9mmK, Llamas in 32 ACP and 22LR. The 22 is straight blow-back, the other two are toggle-link.

Star Model B. Almost a full-size 1911 rip-off.

Fun was had.