I always get my best ideas in the shower. In this case, the best way to get power to the gate motor.

There’s a plug point in the living room, I drilled a hole through the wall, fitted this box on the outside, and ran a pipe …

… through this Malawian-dug trenchette …

… to this weatherproof box, where I will eventually fit a plugpoint for vacuuming the car …

… and via a flexible conduit you almost can’t see in the above pic, to the gate motor.

A dip in the jacuzzi with a good looking girl and a glass of red wine rounded off the day.

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  1. Charleen — 2008-08-27 @ 12:33

    Ingenious, no wonder the wife says you are so handy to have a round. Just a note I think the statement should be “in the jacuzzi with a DIVINE and Gorgeoues girl”

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