So, I haven’t blogged for a while.

There’s a reason. I haven’t done anything to blog about.

With the kitchen base units in, I could measure and order the postform tops, which I did last week. ETA is Friday or so.

I found a tiler to do the master bathroom. He might be starting today.

I need a hall cupboard/bookshelf, some bookshelves for the living room, and two units for our bedroom. Julian at Lansdowne boards is supposed to quote me on these (procedure is he quotes, I pay, he manufactures, and then I audit and spend a week or three sorting things out :-) but so far no quotes.

And once that is done the carpets can go in.

So on Saturday I took the day off (from house stuff), drove out to Somerset West to help a friend with his PC (upgrade from Windows 98 to Windows 2000, and if this sounds terribly archaic please have a look at the URL for this page). Turns out he had a rather nasty virus (Win32:Virut) and after spending Sunday trying to get rid of the damn thing I copied his data off and reformatted the disk. That worked, of course :-) BTW if you have spare copies of Windows 2000 lying around, I’ll even pay for them.

And there you have it — a lack-of-progress report.