I need some round labels. The ones that come on an A4 sheet that you feed through a laser printer.

Avery makes ’em, as does Redfern. The Avery 3/4″ round part number is 5408.

Wanting to support the locals instant gratification, I google for Avery 5408 site:co.za.

And lo and behold, WantItAll has it listed, at R1061 for 12 sheets. For comparison, Amazon lists them for $3.44 for 42 sheets. At the current exchange rate, that’s about R40.

I have no idea who shops at WantItAll but it sure ain’t me.

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  1. Jamie — 2016-05-31 @ 09:37

    Always found WantItAll to be far more expensive than anywhere else for pretty much everything. I stopped bothering with that site ages ago. Classified sites are much better. How did the mead go? Made any other batches since?

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