I hate Marko*.

He blogrolled Crystal, and I liked her writing so much that I’m now wasting a considerable amount of time reading her blog from the bottom up.

Start with the Crazy Chronicles, or at some random point.

Oh, and they also did some home renovation (note — if you’re on the prude-ish side or easily shocked you might want to not read Crystal’s blog).

* Note that this is just the manly way to say “I love Marko to bits and will read everything he writes and everybody he blogrolls, because he so just rocks”.

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  1. Tessa — 2008-09-26 @ 22:28

    I’m going to hate YOU, too…

    I started reading the Crazy Cronicles tonight, and I probably won’t stop until they’re done!

    So by the same token, I’ll read your recommendations, too!

    Thanks a million!

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