Took me two and a half hours to assemble this bookcase. Each shelf has four dowels and four pins and cams keeping them together. Eish!

The overlap you can see on the left hand picture means I need to trim a little bit off the skirting board (above) to make things fit.

I was completely out of it this morning, and slept in. Definitely a Guronsan C day. I’m not 22 any more.

This is the hidden comparment behind the old kitchen door. It’s only about 130mm deep — any ideas on what we can hide there? Candles and tins of baked beans?

6 Comments to “Bookcase”

  1. Viv — 2008-10-09 @ 11:42

    130mm, eh? Could make a nice conceled spice rack, or a bunch of hooks to hang all those things that always clutter up a kombuis – braai tools and gloves, umbrella, drain plunge, feather duster, broom, etc …

  2. wrm — 2008-10-09 @ 13:14

    Only problem is, we’re putting the fridge there, so we’d have to move the fridge to get at the hidden cupboard :-)

  3. Charleen — 2008-10-10 @ 13:24

    then why ask anyone for ideas if you are going to put the fridge there ??????

  4. wrm — 2008-10-10 @ 14:16

    Well, I could *move* the fridge should N.P.J. Janse van Rensburg’s visions prove accurate…

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  6. gaby — 2009-01-14 @ 16:47

    I know this is a little late – but why not remove the door – and fit the fridge in there?

    wrm: Ventilation, basically. The back of a fridge needs to breathe.

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