Furniture shopping

Tanya and I hit the road looking for furniture. A desk for Tamsyn, primarily, and pedestals for the main bedroom. We found both of these at Exclusive Used Furniture in Wynberg. Bought the desk, took an option on the pedestals. They also have a nice large oak wardrobe, which we’ve decided to get for Tanya.

When we saw this, we both went “ooooh!” It’s beautiful, but it also seems to be a cheap rip-off of the real thing. The drawers don’t fit properly and the doors are a bit wonky… but I’m still sorely tempted. (Price tags read R7900 / Now R6500).

At another place further down Main Road, we found this oak wardrobe, which might just work for me :

We also found the dressing table on the right, which is sooo nice — but it might not fit.

Some of this stuff is rather expensive. But if I built a 1800 wide chipboard closet with sliding doors, it will cost me about R6000 (unit on display at Lansdowne Boards, so I know). “Real” furniture is just so much more durable and less tacky than chipboard built-ins.