Router bits

All the hardware stores carry router bits. Kits with the most astounding selection of everything I don’t need.

I used a jigsaw to cut the holes for the dominos in the kitchen countertop. But the dominos are deeper than the thickness of the counter, so I figured I should route a space into the cabinets below.

OK, I could just jigsaw it out, but that would leave holes visible from the bottom. I only need half a plank’s thickness extra depth (yes, I know, the preceding sentence doesn’t make much sense. Just nod and smile).

So I needed a router bit with a bearing on the shaft, like the one on the right in the picture :

B.P.M. Power Tool Centre in Southfield is the place to go to. They’re cheaper than Builders Warehouse too.

Then I discovered that the router I have on loan is a POS. The “one little thing wrong with it” (inside joke) is that you can’t lock the cutting depth, it works itself loose. So the hole starts off at the right depth and then gets shallower. I removed the springs, with the result that the hole starts off at the right depth and then gets deeper.

I shall have to purchase a decent router.