A whole lot of work…

… to gain about half a meter of headroom at the bottom and maybe 300mm at the top.

Oh, and I couldn’t fit both the Libra Misty bath with glass and front panel and the Libra Neptune Euro in the Rand-Lover, so the Neptune’s still at Exquisite Bathrooms. Some other day.

And unless we can find a very good match for the kitchen floor tiles this weekend (we need to replace two tiles) we’ll need to strip & replace the whole lot. Now tiles are, or can be, relatively inexpensive. R50 or R60 per square meter. Having them laid, however, easily doubles this. On the third hand, I have a remarkably versatile chappy working for me, and I suspect he’d be able to lay tile at a rate of knots if properly instructed.

Update, 2008-05-12 : We bought 10 square meters of “LC680 Bahamas Beige 408×408” from CTM at R64.90 per square. Of course the little 110×110 inset (pattern) tiles at R29.90 each pushed up the price quite a lot.

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