Not Impressed

We found this critter… somewhere* On all our previous trips, we had only seen white rhino. This was our first black. To miss-appropriate Ruark, “looks at you like you owe him money”.

This was our second.

(How do you know it’s a black rhino? It ran away… seriously, black rhino are very shy).

And a bit down the road we found these two. They were not going anywhere. White, obviously… §

Next day we found a white rhino cow and calf, far away. And that was it for rhino this time around.


* There’s this theory that the poachers use the internet to find out where the rhino are. But the rhino move around. So they are not there even ten minutes later, never mind the… four weeks and counting since this happened. OK, maybe they’re back there… or maybe not. Who knows. What we do know is that there are rhino in the Kruger, and that a poacher can get on a hill with a pair of binoculars and find them that way. But OK Karen, location of rhino not disclosed.

§ In case you don’t know, it’s all about the mouth. The white rhino is actually the wide-mouth rhino, misheard or mispronounced or whatever. It feeds on grass, head-down. The black rhino has a sharper mouth and feeds on bushes. They’re both black in colour.