Lions and Elephants: Two

We found some lions at N’waswitshaka on the S65.

He was favouring his hind leg — good news is it looked a whole lot better when we saw him again later in the day. Prolly got himself kicked by a zebra or something.

In the shade of the dam wall.

And on the other side, in the shade of a tree.

Nothing much was happening so we went off, came back later.

There were elephant at the water hole, being watched very intently by the lions, who had moved off into the bushes.

But the elephants smelled them and chased them away. This all happened in the bush so no pics, sorry. The lions basically went to ground, with the male actually moving further than the two females. We then watched the females slowly moving back towards the dam, eventually the male joined them (the three on the other side had moved off somewhere that way, they also came back later).

Nothing as exciting as last time.