The lions put up a show.

After going for a morning drive somewhere where we saw a chubby unicorn with her calf, off in the distance, we returned to camp for a loo break and then headed off in the other direction.

Found a roadblock just after Lubyelubye. Saw that the roadblock was following a few lions who were headed in our direction. Which means that we were suddenly at the front of the queue.

I pulled into the Lubyelubye viewpoint and we saw threefour lions pass.

Now people were cruising the road, trying to spot the lions. I decided to go long and drove to the first place where we could actually see over the shrubbery and rocks (problem with a flat car) and stopped. There was not much happening.

Tanya spent some time photographing this dwarf mongoose. A herd of impala came across the road, went down to the river. We had just decided that most likely the lions had flopped into the shade somewhere when there was a movement and impala running everywhere. Then it was quiet again.

And then a lion popped over the river bank with most of a very small impala in his jaws. Tanya was so excited she photographed a bush (this bush turned out to be a pain in the autofocus).

He’s carrying the head, but I think he left the hindquarters behind.

Then another lion popped over the bank, with more bits of impala (there was another one off to the right which we couldn’t really photograph through the bushes. I think there were five lions and I think they caught three impala between them).

Of course one gets uninvited guests.

Hindquarters recovered.

And then a crocodile came to investigate.

By now we’d been here for about an hour and we couldn’t leave if we had to. Cars all around us. Fortunately for them we had a flat car, so people could see over our roof. But the bushes are a pain. We need a non-flat car.

Remember what I said about this bush being a pain?



Where did everyone go?