Budapest (Part 3) A trip to the zoo

If you’re in Budapest, get a 72 hour travelcard. You can get on pretty much anything with wheels and travel for free. Metro, tram, railway, bus… the only exception is the 100E bus to the airport, and the children’s railway.

Take the Metro to Széll Kálmán tér, hunt some mini szobor if you want to, take the tram to Szent János Kórház (you need a copy of this map on your phone). Go left up the hill, turn right at the bridge, there’s a station with a gear track down the middle.

Because it’s steep.

This train runs to Széchenyi-hegy at the top. Turn left, walk past the park to Széchenyihegy Children’s Railway station.

We got there before ten, the service only starts at ten. So we walked to the next station, Normafa, where there is a coffee shop.

Except for the driver(s), the train line is run by school kids. Looks like one older and one younger kid in a team.

Note that they take cash (Forints) only, so make sure you have the right change. It was 1500 HUF per person when we did this.

I asked, sounds like each of them does this two days a month.

The line goes further, but you want to get off at Szépjuhászné. Then when you walk out of the station, turn left. There’s a path through the woods. We didn’t know this and turned right. There is no path towards the right…

Better yet, take the bus. It’s right there and you have a 72 hour pass, right? You want to go to Szanatórium utca (Vadaspark) which is like two three stops down the line. Then you have to walk all the way up Szanatórium utca (the jokes writes itself), turn right at the top, and take the “shortcut” through the woods. This gets you to the zoo.

… assuming you’re into this kind of thing.

And then you walk back and get on the bus and end up back at Széll Kálmán tér.

And if you get on the bus going the wrong way (downhill at this point is the wrong way) and it happens to be the number 22, there’s a Lidl at the end of the line so you can shop for supper then go back the other way.