Budapest (Part 4, still pic heavy)

This is the back end of the controversial recreation of the monument dedicated to the martyrs of the communist Red Terror in 1919, with the buildings of parliament in the background. There used to be a monument to Imre Nagy here that was relocated (more later).

Dohány Street Synagogue.

Budapest has these all over the place. So does Ljubljana. Memories of a terrible time.

(I have no idea who the guy with the chicken is)

The Great Market Hall / Nagy Vásárcsarnok.

So we went to Frici Papa for lunch, had one of each set plate. Good food at a decent price.

Újházi tyúkhúsleves – Hungarian chicken soup
Palócleves – Palóc soup
Csöben sült sonkás kelbimbó – Ham and brussels sprouts bake
Szénégetö spagetti –  Spaghetti carbonara
Szilvalekváros derelye – Plum jam curd pockets

Bamamo Budapest is one of the many local street artists.

On our last night in Budapest we went out to photograph the Houses of Parliament at night. I had pretty good results (and great fun) after overriding the automatic exposure settings on my 100D.

The next morning was dull. I took this picture using the exposure bracketing function, and used Lightroom to make an HDR image (this one you can click-to-embiggen).

We had some time before catching the train to Ljubljana, so we went hunting for more mini-szobor (specifically the russian-hat-grown-frog-legs).

Here’s Imre Nagy (He ruled Hungary for a couple of years, but he rubbed the Politburo up the wrong way and got himself executed for it) on his new site just off the Margit bridge. We looked for Lisa Simpson but I suspect she no longer lives here.

And that concludes Budapest 2023. Until next time (when we will be spending more time in District XIII, maybe even go to the Pinball Museum again).