Chinese steamed buns

There’s a chinese shop close to Cavendish. They sell, amongst other things, frozen Dim Sum type stuff, and I bought half a dozen veg and half a dozen pork buns this afternoon. Steamed them in my bamboo steamer, excellent. The veg ones are nicer than the pork, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try the pork too.

Served them with lots of rice, umeboshi, and sweet and sour sauce (I doubled the sauce recipe).

Tanya doesn’t like the umeboshi. That, was to be expected. Jessica doesn’t much like it either, but she might grow into it. (Tamsyn, of course, had hamburger patties :-)

Me, I like it, but a little bit will last a long time. Now I want to try making Nibuta.

Footnote: since this blog posting I referenced above, we’ve tasted the Confucious Family Liquor. I prefer the Baijiu. The Confucious stuff is really bad.