Things are looking up

OK, there’s still a lot of work to be done before the end of the month, but things are happening.

The carpets went in on Friday, and I bought some furniture this morning, it’ll hopefully be delivered today.

This weekend I bought a new router, and finished the routing work. I painted the cut surfaces with marine varnish in an attempt at waterproofing (the bit I got on my arm stayed there for three days, so the stuff is rather waterproof) and I’ll hopefully be fitting the dominos and the oven tonight.

I’ve ordered the last bit of countertop, that can go in next and then I can assemble the appliance garage.

I still have to plumb in the kitchen sink, the drain for Tamsyn’s bath, and our bath.

I’ve also ordered a (rather expensive, R3999, but nice) shower door for our bathroom, but that can wait. More important to get skirting boards into our bedroom so that we can move the furniture in.

Welcome back,!