Happy Birthday JMB

Today, we celebrate the birthday of Saint John of Ogden.

Problem is, I have nothing with which to properly celebrate it.

Oh, I own a 1911, a Winchester ’94, a 1900, a semi-auto 22 rifle, and an Auto-5 shotgun, all designed by The Man Himself, but these are all stored at various gunshops, since I don’t have licences for them… yet.

I submitted 22 (!) applications back in August, but the wheels of government turn slowly, if at all.

Maybe next year I can burn some powder with my JMB toys.

(I’ve shot the 1911 before, before my friend Etienne (who moved to the states) sold it to me for a pittance. Man oh man, that’s a lekker pistol. (I think it’s a 1944 Remington-Rand model)).