This leak must have been there for… months… years… a long time. Strange that the previous owners never noticed. Or maybe they thought that paying the R150 extra a month was cheaper than getting someone in to fix the problem.

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  1. Shane and Casey — 2009-02-06 @ 15:43

    How is your back feeling? :)

  2. wrm — 2009-02-09 @ 09:33

    Heya Shane and Casey

    I have this Malawian called Frank. Explained the problem to him, gave him a spade. He phoned a couple of hours later saying he’d found the problem.

    As P J O’Rourke said, Age and guile beats youth, innocence and a bad haircut.

  3. Charleen — 2009-02-09 @ 11:42

    We had the same problem, found the leak and went from 60000 litres a month doen to 28 thousand. Oh i will also mention that when they fixed the leak they ruptured the mail electricity supply to the house that shorted and we went for 2 days without electricity.

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