(There are quite a few shelves still to come.)

This one goes around the TV. First step, bolt the TV bracket to the wall.

Looking good.

I will have to make a plan with the white wall behind the TV.

The reason I’m doing this in stages is that I wasn’t sure exactly where this unit would end up. It could have been 5cm to the left or the right. Now I can measure the remaining space and design a bookshelf to fit.

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  1. Viv — 2011-08-12 @ 11:10

    Reminds me of some mystery movies I’ve seen …. so now your room is concealed behind a hidden door looking just like a bookshelf? *Hitchcock music in the background*

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    […] Stats Shelving sort of done, for now 2 Sep '11 2 September 2011 @ 16:45 by wrm As mentioned previously, I finally got around to completing firstly the door and then the TV part of the […]

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