“Recoil was brisk but manageable”

I’ve been shooting high-end 45 Colt loads* in my Freedom Arms revolver, because that’s the only brass I had. Until today — I finally found some pukka factory 454 Casull ammo.

Hornady 300 grain XTP at 1650 fps claimed muzzle velocity. I didn’t get a chance to chrony the actual velocity though. Price was good — RRP is something like $35 / box in the ‘states, and I got these for R350, and that includes 14% VAT (current exchange rate is about R9/$ but these were probably brought in at closer to R8/$).

Acceptable Combat Accuracy…

I shot five shots, then played with my M30PK 9mm a bit. After that I invited one of our range officers to shoot the thing, his shot was the topmost on the above target. After some persuasion, the range officer in training then made that hole in the bottom corner… he certainly did not bring his part.

I finished the cylinder. Shots are all low because notice the front sight? It’s taller since the gun shoots way high with the abovementioned 45 Colt load.

This isn’t really a gun for standing. The barrel is way too heavy, very difficult to hold the sights steady. And the trigger is fairly light, which is good for Creedmoor but not so much for standing.

Edit, Monday morning. Well, I can certainly feel my wrist this morning. This is not a gun for a lazy afternoon of plinking, at least not with full power ammo.


*  255 grain cast bullet chronied at 1160 fps — factory spec for a 255 grainer is just under 1000 fps. The same bullet can be persuaded to clock around 1600 fps in a 454 Casull.


How long do they think they can get away with this?

Johannesburg – The Jaguar XF driver who crashed into a house in Lyttelton this week has been given a written warning, Pretoria police said on Friday.

The answer, of course, is that they think they can get away with it forever.

One set of rules for “them”, another set of rules for the servants who pay their taxes so dutifully.

The more important question is whether the servants will allow them to continue operating like this. Because that will determine whether this country flourishes or goes to shit like so many other African countries.


Willis Eschenbach nails it

The National Energy Regulator, NERSA, is holding public hearings on why Eskom should not more than double the cost of electricity in the next five years*. If anybody’s input is taken seriously, that would be a first for these kind of things**… or maybe I’m just cynical.

The difference between rich and poor, between developed and developing, is the availability of inexpensive energy. A kilowatt-hour is the same amount of work as a hard days labor by an adult. We’re rich because we have (or at least had) access to the hardworking servants of inexpensive energy. We have inexpensive electrical and mechanical slaves to do our work for us.


H/T to Claire.

* Because somewhere after 1994 they decided that maintenance was not as important as shiny new BMWs, so that got pushed out a bit until the system started breaking, and now they have to work overtime to catch up to where we were.

** There is a requirement for public consultation in all processes like this. There is however no requirement for actually taking said consultation seriously.

The Last Supper

… was a stirfry.

Pretty damn good, too.

It was good knowing all of y’all, and you have yourself a great End of the World.

Blast from the past

Some Capetalk listener mentioned simfy. So I’m investigating their free trail.

On one of their playlists, I discovered a song I learned on my daddy’s knee car back seat.

(You hafta click here ‘cos fscked if I know how the cool kids embed Youtube in WordPress)

The gal rocked.

Pew pew pew

Took the Garand, the Auto-5, the Browning Semi-auto 22, the Norinco JW-21, the Freedom Arms 454, and four Spanish pistols to the range, along with two pups of the female persuasion.

The Freedom Arms has a new front sight blade, it was terribly high with the old blade, now it looks like I can come up a few clicks at 50m, so that’s all good. That’s why I went, to check the difference the new front sight made. The rest was just fun.

Practicing for the shotty, which kicks a bit more than a 22.

Norinco 22 levergun — copy of the Winchester 9422 — fun little gun, as is the Browning.

Three diminutive 1911 rip-offs. Star in 9mmK, Llamas in 32 ACP and 22LR. The 22 is straight blow-back, the other two are toggle-link.

Star Model B. Almost a full-size 1911 rip-off.

Fun was had.

The things… are also people.

And that was just the fanwalk…

Yes, Gaga’s in town.

The set is amazing. The whole front of the castle opens up, there are passages and stairs everywhere, one set of stairs decends on a motorised track… and they had this up in Johannesburg on Friday, tore it down, transported it to Cape Town, and set it up ready for Monday evening.  OK, they’ve been touring the world so they should have it figured out by now but… wow.

Pink Floyd, anyone?

Here’s the castle opened up.

Some fans were very excited to be on stage.

Yea, she’s crazy. But good crazy.

And kudos to the City for managing the stadium and the fanwalk and the traffic perfectly.

Even More Dedicated

My Dedicated Hunter certificate came today. To get this, I actually had to study — there’s a test on animals and habitats and ethics and all kinds of stuff, there’s also a shooting test (Impala target at 100m sitting, 200m prone, 50m standing, three shots at each distance).

I am now a Dedicated Hunter, Dedicated Collector and Dedicated Sport Shooter in terms of the Firearms Control Act.

Now I can apply for the 300 Winchester Magnum Howa 1500 I bought a few months ago.