Back when Obama was first elected, the American public kicked their gun and ammo purchases into high gear. CCI alone was shipping 12 million primers a week, trying to catch up with their “billions” backorder.

And then Obama got re-elected, the Sandy Hook tragedy went down, and Obama started shooting Skeet.

Seems that the people were relatively calm until this bullshit pic was released (with a request to not photoshop it. R U kidding? Is Internet. “Don’t” is short for “Do it immediately damnit!”)

The problem with four letter words being ubiquitous in our society is that one lacks words to express the absolute crazy. It’s like Jeremy Clarkson trying to explain just how fast the latest land-jet is. They ripped those gun purchases out of high gear and straight into a new gearbox. With a supercharger. And afterburners.

From Doug (along with the picture above):

Smith & Wesson-is running at Full capacity making 300+ guns/day-mainly M&P pistols. They are unable to produce any more guns to help with the shortages.

RUGER: Plans to increase from 75% to 100% in the next 90 days.

FNH: Moving from 50% production to 75% by Feb 1st and 100% by March 1. Remington-Maxed out!

Armalite: Maxed out.

DPMS: Can’t get enough parts to produce any more product.

COLT: Production runs increasing weekly…bottle necked by Bolt carrier’s.

LWRC:Making only black guns, running at full capacity…can’t get enough gun quality steel to make barrels.

Springfield Armory: Only company who can meet demand but are running 30-45 days behind.

AMMO: Every caliber is now Allocated! We are looking at a nation wide shortage of all calibers over the next 9 months. All plants are producing as much ammo as possible w/ of 1 BILLION rounds produced weekly. Most is military followed by L.E. and civilians are third in line.

MAGPUL is behind 1 MILLION mags, do not expect any large quantities of magpul anytime soon.

RELOADERS… ALL Remington, Winchester, CCI & Federal primers are going to ammo FIRST. There are no extra’s for reloading purposes… it could be 6-9 months before things get caught up.

And from Bob:

It really hit me when I realized that the World War-era M1 Garands , M1 carbines, and Enfield .303s were gone, along with every last shell. Ubiquitous Mosin-Nagants—of which every gun store always seems to have 10-20—were gone. So was their ammo. Only a dust free space marked their passing. I’ve never seen anything like it.

Every weapon of military utility designed within the past 100+ years was gone. This isn’t a society stocking up on certain guns because they fear they may be banned. This is a society preparing for war.

This is going to impact shooters worldwide, if it isn’t already*. Primers and ammo — we get a lot of stuff from Europe, S&B, Fiocchi, Russian 22 — but that’s likely to be diverted to the US market too. The local agents are assuring us that the current orders will be filled, but once that’s gone, I see a two year drought coming.

Commencing operation stocking up.

* I’m trying to get hold of a few Thompson Contender G2 frames. It’s a single shot target handgun — useless for self defense, and highly unlikely to be banned — but it goes “bang” and as a result the distributor is back-ordered.

“Recoil was brisk but manageable”

I’ve been shooting high-end 45 Colt loads* in my Freedom Arms revolver, because that’s the only brass I had. Until today — I finally found some pukka factory 454 Casull ammo.

Hornady 300 grain XTP at 1650 fps claimed muzzle velocity. I didn’t get a chance to chrony the actual velocity though. Price was good — RRP is something like $35 / box in the ‘states, and I got these for R350, and that includes 14% VAT (current exchange rate is about R9/$ but these were probably brought in at closer to R8/$).

Acceptable Combat Accuracy…

I shot five shots, then played with my M30PK 9mm a bit. After that I invited one of our range officers to shoot the thing, his shot was the topmost on the above target. After some persuasion, the range officer in training then made that hole in the bottom corner… he certainly did not bring his part.

I finished the cylinder. Shots are all low because notice the front sight? It’s taller since the gun shoots way high with the abovementioned 45 Colt load.

This isn’t really a gun for standing. The barrel is way too heavy, very difficult to hold the sights steady. And the trigger is fairly light, which is good for Creedmoor but not so much for standing.

Edit, Monday morning. Well, I can certainly feel my wrist this morning. This is not a gun for a lazy afternoon of plinking, at least not with full power ammo.


*  255 grain cast bullet chronied at 1160 fps — factory spec for a 255 grainer is just under 1000 fps. The same bullet can be persuaded to clock around 1600 fps in a 454 Casull.


Pew pew pew

Took the Garand, the Auto-5, the Browning Semi-auto 22, the Norinco JW-21, the Freedom Arms 454, and four Spanish pistols to the range, along with two pups of the female persuasion.

The Freedom Arms has a new front sight blade, it was terribly high with the old blade, now it looks like I can come up a few clicks at 50m, so that’s all good. That’s why I went, to check the difference the new front sight made. The rest was just fun.

Practicing for the shotty, which kicks a bit more than a 22.

Norinco 22 levergun — copy of the Winchester 9422 — fun little gun, as is the Browning.

Three diminutive 1911 rip-offs. Star in 9mmK, Llamas in 32 ACP and 22LR. The 22 is straight blow-back, the other two are toggle-link.

Star Model B. Almost a full-size 1911 rip-off.

Fun was had.

Even More Dedicated

My Dedicated Hunter certificate came today. To get this, I actually had to study — there’s a test on animals and habitats and ethics and all kinds of stuff, there’s also a shooting test (Impala target at 100m sitting, 200m prone, 50m standing, three shots at each distance).

I am now a Dedicated Hunter, Dedicated Collector and Dedicated Sport Shooter in terms of the Firearms Control Act.

Now I can apply for the 300 Winchester Magnum Howa 1500 I bought a few months ago.

SADPA postal shoot

The SADPA postal shoot consists of four stages, shot by local IDPA shooters, to get an idea of where you rank. You can shoot multiple times, but only the first score you submit counts — which leads to some people shooting and then tearing up their score sheet because of completely missing the 15m target. But Richard Dews is a rather large fellow so we don’t argue with him.

Anyway, I shot it on Saturday at FBGC and I sucked. But maybe less so than last week. This time I shot both the revolver (SSR) and my 1911 (CDP).

Modified Bill Drill (Stage 1). Three targets at 5, 10 and 15m. Six shots at each target. Boring :-) Except I completely stuffed up the 15m SSR stage and got 22! points down. SSR raw time 19.35, CDP raw time 21.84 with 8 points down.

Standards #708 (Stage 2). This was a fun one. Six targets from 4m to 25m, with no-shoots in front of the front two targets. I really thought I was going to plug the no-shoots but I managed not to. And I even hit the 25m target a few times. SSR 36.91, 10 points down, CDP 35.83, 12 points down. Both revolver and pistol required two reloads — I’m only marginally slower with the speed loaders, but that’s just because I’m way too slow with magazine changes.

Seated (Stage 3). Four targets, all 5m away. One no-shoot. Tactical sequence, which means one shot to each target and then empty the magazine at them. 12 shots, that’s one reload for the revolver as well as for the pistol (7 round magazine, so I started with 8 shots in the gun). SSR 18.03 and one point down, CDP 18.89 and 4 points down. Gotta work on those magazine changes.

Quick Standards (Stage 4). This one was… weird. Seven shots at 3m… and yes, you can miss at 3m, but only if your brain comes undone, like mine (of course) did. Note to self, seat the bloody magazine properly. I can’t think of any real-world scenario where I would draw with my strong hand and then transition to weak hand only — but then, IDPA is a game. SSR 6.49 no points down, CDP 6.89 and two points down.

I figure that when the nationwide results get published I should probably look for my name on the last page or two…

IDPA postal shoot

The IDPA postal shoot consists of four stages (this year, at least) which are shot by IDPA members all over the world, as standardised as possible, and then collated to give you an idea of how much you suck compared to… well… the world.

We shot it today at FBGC. And I sucked*.

In the order we shot it in:

Bike Crash (Stage 3). Lying on your weak side, with the firearm on the ground in front of you, and three targets mounted horizontally to simulate dogs, 7 – 14m away. My grouping was excellent. My aim, notsomuch.

2-0, 2-2, 2-2 (means two shots on target, in the zero zone on the first target and in the -1 zone on targets two and three, for two points down on targets two and three), raw time 6.95.

Bucket Brigade (Stage 2). Starting with a bucket in your weak hand, two targets on the move strong hand only, then two targets (with a no-shoot (hostage)) 7m away through a gap, then two more targets around a corner, 8 1/2m away, with another no-shoot.

2-2, 1-5, 2-0, 2-0, 2-0, 2-1, raw time 21.34. Pretty good, except for the one handed on the move with bucket in hand first two (two shots in the -1 zone on first target, only one shot on the second target).

Dinner Interruptus (Stage 4). Start sitting down, both hands on table. Four targets, two 10m away, two 21m away. The bottom half of the front two targets is blocked out, so a shot there is a miss. And the two back targets flank a no-shoot.

3-2, 2-6, 3-7, 3-5, and a hit on a non-threat. Ouch. I need to practice my shoot-sitting-down a bit. Raw time 22.46.

“Cup” Standards (Stage 1). For this one you don’t need concealment, but hey, who cares. Three targets 10m away, two of them flanking the inevitable no-shoot. Two shots each, then another six shots strong hand, then another six shots weak hand. With a revolver**, this needs two reloads. All timed as one string.

6-0, 6-0, 6-0. Damn I’m hot. Except that I also plugged the non-threat. Twice. So if you know I’m around, try not to get taken hostage ‘cos I’ll prolly end up taking you out as well. Raw time 33.47, I also need to practice my reloads.

Next week we’re doing the SADPA postal. Looks like it might be even more fun.

* I suck a whole lot less than I used to, and a whole lot more than I will in future, but I suck.

** Taurus Model 66 (357 Magnum) stainless, 3″ barrel, shooting 38 Special SWC reloads (158 gr at about 920 fps).

Edit, 2013-01-14: I’m #11 out of 38 SSR MM-level shooters.


Curator Needed, Part Four…

To follow up on Tamara‘s Curator Needed, Part III…

Aside: I still have to tell all of y’all (both of you) about the teardrop trailer I built and then dragged up to Etosha for the school holidays. But that’s not important right now.

Just north of Windhoek there’s a little town (most towns in Namibia are little, and there are not so many towns either) called Okahandja, and there we passed a military museum. I was kind of sad that we didn’t have time to visit.

But after checking out their web page, I’ve changed my mind.

Some gems include:

“DFSH 41: The gun is made out of brown wood and black metal. It has openings at the end of it, where bullots will come out when it is used.”

“60MM Mortal: Its made out of metal, plastic and leather and its green in colour. It has a metal object fixed on it, where it can stand.”

Yes, thank you. I go to museums to glean these arcane and obscure bits of inside knowledge, carefully researched and tastefully presented to discerning visitors from distant climes.


This is Ralf Gebert of Truvelo. I worked for him, briefly, back in… 1988 or thereabouts — holiday work when I was studying. That’s before they started building these toys.

The top rifle is a 50 BMG (although  everyone at this show calls it 12,7 x 99 mm) and the bottom two are babies — 308 Winchester and 338 Lapua.

I’d like me some of these but (1) expensive (2) what do I use it for stupid question (2) expensive.

But nice.

The biggest rifle on display, in 20 x 110 mm Hispano. Longer than the Solothurn (20 x 105 mm), shorter than the Lahti (20 x 138 mm) (for UC fans).

This would take some serious explaining to CFR to get a licence. I don’t like saying impossible, but in this case the word is probably appropriate.

A Girl and Her Gun

A Girl came into guns fairly late in life, after being vehemently anti. She went on to write a post heard ’round the world.

This is her story.

I started this blog as a journal to my daughter, who being raised by me, believed guns were bad and scary, so now that I was carrying one, well, it rocked her world.

I wanted her to see the struggle I went through and how I came to carry a gun. I didn’t want her to think it was casual or that she couldn’t trust me or my opinions. I was very nervous that she would doubt everything I said because I had changed my mind on an issue I felt so strongly about.

I had no idea when I started this journey that I would change so much. That I would actually enjoy shooting or that it would become a passion of mine and I had no idea how my daughter would feel about me or guns.